About Us

Meet Admire Dimoh, Founder of Admire Your Beauty Co. She is a self taught professional hairstylist. Born and raised in West Africa Sierra Leone, Admire moved to the US to escape an 11 year Civil war that was going on in her country at the time. Admire has always had a lifelong passion for hair and decided to pursue a career as a professional Hairstylist. After high school she went to beauty and graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2012. With 15 years under her belt, she has gained valuable experience working with some of the best professionals in the Fashion, Commercial, TV/Film , and Entertainment industries.

 Admire's primary goal as a hairstylist is for the individuals who sit in her salon chair to “Admire” their beauty and what better way to do this than giving them an experience of beautifying their crowns.

Each person that sits in her chair is transformed through her gift of braiding. Proverbs 18:16 says “My gift will make room for me” and she knew that God had a greater purpose for her to inspire, empower, and transform people through her versatile braiding techniques. Admire is a proud west African woman and braiding is a cultural expression of her people.

Currently residing in Houston TX, Admire is working hard to expand her talents and share her gift globally one hair style at a time.

Against all odds, she continues to excel in her craft and work hard to become a household name like those who have come before her.